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Maximize your return on investment with one of these delivery options
  • Have your WebTMS system hosted by Intellectual Property Online or
  • Install WebTMS on your own servers or
  • Subscribe to the hosted ASP version
A browser based solution for the trademark professional
  • Full text record keeping with images
  • Direct data downloads and click throughs to over 15 Patent Office databases
  • Modules for all trademark and IP related cases
  • Domain name management
  • View, amend and create records in all modules online
  • Standard and custom reports and Word merges, all online
  • Client and Agent access and collaboration worldwide
  • Integrated scanned documents with Document Management
  • Single or multi-office configurations
Trademark Record Keeping   Trademark Docketing   Trademark Management
Record keeping is an essential part of a successful trademark practice. WebTMS has been designed to provide user friendly screens to capture and display all the pieces of information about trademark applications or registrations and related files.
With WebTMS, you do not need to get the file out to get all the details
  • Full text records for trademarks, disputes, contracts, assignments, searches and domain names
  • Integrated images for logos and design marks, in full color or black and white
  • Full text for specifications of goods and services, with multi-class capability
  • Integrated scanned documents with every record, for instant access to filing receipts, registration certificates, sample packaging and critical documents
  • A field for every piece of data about every mark, no matter what jurisdiction
    Keeping track of dates and deadlines is part of the professional responsibility for all trademark attorneys and paralegals.
    WebTMS provides a sophisticated docketing and diary system
  • Automatic date calculation for statutory deadlines such as renewals, Sec 8 Affidavits, ITU deadlines, and other critical dates, worldwide
  • Scope for personal reminders, with automatic calculation of date progressions
  • Every action can be assigned to the appropriate attorney or paralegal
  • Wide selection of docket and diary reports, with a Report Generator for custom reports
  • Personalized, automatic reports can be run at log-on
  • Extensive date rule file under User control
    Proper management of a trademark portfolio is much more than filing applications and keeping track of renewals. The WebTMS system builds on trademark record keeping and trademark docketing to provide sophisticated trademark management.
    WebTMS provides intuitive tools for the bigger picture.
  • Sophisticated search screens for broad or specific enquiries, with wildcard or exact match capability
  • Hit lists for the detailed display of search results, sortable by column headings
  • Extensive array of standard reports, with summary (one line) or detailed content and images
  • Intuitive Report Generator for custom reports from all modules in the system
  • An easy to use Wizard to set up Word/HTML merge reports from all modules, for standard letters and documents
  • A Wizard to search for records by Trademark, Owner, Client and other common criteria across all modules
  • Scanned Documents Wizard to give you a "paper-less" office, and integration with document management systems
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